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For the longest time Kpopfans have had no one go-to place to shop, browse and purchase exclusive K-pop products, be it unique creations from fan artists themselves, or official fan merchandise. Transactions for K-pop products are often done through blogshops, twitter or other non-kpop exclusive marketplace. Sellers and group order managers collect orders through google sheets which are often tedious and hard to maintain. Instances of scam, fraud and group order managers disappearing has been a growing concern for fans genuinely interested to obtain their idol’s collectibles.

Our Solution
We provide a one-stop platform to buy or sell items for the K-pop fans. Hence,they don’t need to buy k-pop products through a garage sale, second hand thrift-shop, or an online marketplace cluttered with all other irrelevant non-kpop items. It also time for kpop fans to love their idols without getting scammed or hindered by the tediousness of filling up and maintain a google spread sheet for their products.


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