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*Important note: All pricing should be done in USD. Loss in revenue due to failure of vendor to account for difference in exchange rate will not be repaid by KpopKart. KpopKart reserves the right to deactivate vendor accounts should we deem them to be false accounts or should they fail to uphold the quality of products in KpopKart.*


Step 1: Register as a vendor on KpopKart

Head over to to sign up as a vendor on KpopKart.


Step 2: Enter your email address that you would like to be connected to your store.

Ensure that this email address is the same email address that is used for your Paypal account. This is an important step to check, as all payments made to your store will be sent to your receiving paypal account. If your email address for the receiving paypal account differs, the payment disbursed to the email runs the risk of being delivered to the wrong person.


Step 3: How to set-up your store and configure your store shipping method

The video tutorial is a useful guide on how every vendor can set up their stores as well as to set up their shipping page. Some key points to take note:

  • Always check the “enable shipping functionality” button under the shipping tab
  • Default shipping price should usually be priced at “$0” if you plan to customise shipping destinations to your home country and everywhere else. Otherwise, your shipping price would show up as the Default Shipping Cost + Cost of Shipping to Specific Country.


Step 4: Decorate your store profile

Upload your profile picture and store banner. This will be what customers see when they click on your shop’s profile page so make it aesthetic! You could upload perhaps a customised banner of your store? Or your own hand drawn profile picture? The possibilities are endless.


Step 5: Figuring the type of products you want to sell on to KpopKart

After decorating your store front, you can now list and upload your products. On KpopKart, there are two main types of product listing available on KpopKart. Before listing your product, you have to decide first whether it is a simple or a variable product.

You can refer to the examples below to help you make that decision.

The Simple ProductA simple product with no selections required.

This is an example of a sample product, since there are no different types of this product to select from.

The Variable ProductA product different designs, grades and types.

This product has different “versions” and “grades” to choose from thus making it a variable product.

Once you have decided whether your product is a simple or a variable product, you can then proceed to watch the appropriate youtube tutorial video.


Step 6: Uploading simple products on KpopKart

This tutorial teaches you how to upload a simple product on Kpopkart

You can follow the steps listed in the youtube tutorial above to learn how to upload your simple product on to KpopKart. Sometimes, you might run into the error that says “SKU must be unique”. You can simply leave the SKU label blank if that happens.

If you prefer to assign specific shipping costs to a special product, you may enable the “override shipping cost” option to specifically assign a customised cost to the special product

If you wish to set the shipping for a particular product higher, make sure the shipping cost is set properly. It is set under additional shipping cost which means the amount you input would be your desired cost of shipping, subtracting away the default shipping cost.

Next, it is worth noting that you can list your products in draft status and set them to be made public at a certain date and time.

Do a double check before making your listings public. You can preview your product to ensure that the pricing, featured image and title of product, along with descriptions are all correct.


Step 7: Uploading Variable Products on KpopKart

Products that have multiple types of the same design can be set as variable products, such as enamel pins with different grades or designs. The variable product option is also used for a themed series of a certain product such as BTS member solo pins.

It is typically harder to set up a variable product, so it is highly recommended that you watch this video to make sure you follow the steps of the youtube tutorial correctly.

How to upload a variable product, as shown step-by-step.

For variable products in particular, sometimes products will show up as “out of stock”. But don’t worry about it, you just have to view all your variations to ensure that you have the “manage inventory” checkbox ticked. Ensure that this box is ticked for all variations. Afterwards, your product should no longer appear as “out of stock”.

You might run into the error that says “SKU must be unique”. You can simply leave the SKU label blank if that happens.


Step 8: How to add coupons for storewide discount, events and anniversaries.

If you want to give your buyers a nice surprise, you can always make use of the KpopKart coupon feature to give discounts to your buyers!

Check out the youtube tutorial for a step by step guide on how you can do so.



Step 9: Doing one final round of store check before the grand opening

Before you announce your store opening to the rest of the world, it is advisable for you to do a self checkout on KpopKart. This means that you should add your own store product to your cart and test out the checkout feature. Doing so allows you to check whether your shipping costs have been inputted correctly.

Common mistakes

  • You did not set the default shipping cost as “$0”, thus resulting in your shipping cost to be higher than expected
  • Your product cannot be shipped to the destination country outside of your home country, since you did not indicate that shipment is made available to everyone else.

Once you have ensured that your shipping costs are accurately accounted for, you can proceed to announce the grand opening!


Step 10: Announcing your new store to your followers with the help of KpopKart!

Hooray! You’ve finally finished setting up your store! Now it’s time to announce to the world that you’re ready to welcome your first customer, though starting out can at first be a little tough if you’ve got no strong follower base. But the good news is, KpopKart is here to help all artists out! We are always happy to help artists promote their products and more.

Fill out this form link HERE to get a free shoutout from KpopKart on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Our admins will respond to you either via email, twitter and instagram once we approve your promotion request!

Check out our articles for more help, tips and tricks on how to generate more sales!

If you experience any difficulties in creating your shop, please feel free to contact our admins at or through our social media platforms on Twitter and Instagram. Let us know if you would like a shoutout for your shop and we will do what we can to help!

Customers will be looking at the featured images of your products so make sure to take a good picture of them! You can read our article on ‘How to take aesthetic pictures of your products’ here as a guide.

If you are curious about how you can get started making Kpop enamel pins, please check out our enamel pin article here as well!

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